What to eat for beautiful skin – Beauty Tips

beautiful skin tips

Tips for beautiful skin


What all can naturally increase the glow of the skin.


beautiful skin tips

What all to eat?

  1. Flax seeds:                                                               flax seeds                                                                  These are knows to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids which had anti ageing properties. Make a nice powder out of the flax seed. Consume one spoon of the powder daily with some water. If it difficult for you to eat as powder you can also try eating the seeds.

  2. Moong daal ( sprouted) :

    moong dal
    Mung bean, green moong dal in wooden bowl. White textile background. Top view

    Soak a handful of daal at night before going to bed. Then you can eat it raw or allow the sprout to come and eat the sprouted daal. It have vitamin E which also has anti aging properties . Using it for 3 4 months definitely gives a good result.

  3. Carrot:                                                                                                                   carrot                                                                                                         Very good for your skin. You can eat it raw or you can drink it’s juice. It helps in reducing the dark circles . It has beta carotene , vit A and antioxidants  which helps to refresh the skin.

  4. Spinach:                                                                                                       spinach                                                                                                                  We are tired of the fast life because of which we get dark circles . Spinach is  rich in iron and vitamin K. Eating spinach help refresh the body internally which makes the skin glowing.

  5. Water –

    water for skin

      We all know drinking water is very essential. But what we always don’t care is this part which is very important.  Drink lot of water. It keeps the body hydrated and helps to skin to glow.

  6. Garlic                                                                                        garlic          It’s a natural antibiotic . Also good for heart. Helps in tissue repairing. It also as anti wrinkle properties.

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