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 Free Mappila Pattukal Download

A Allahu Allah Allahuvodu
Anchanchum Asarmulla Viriyunna Kaate
Azhakulla Fathima Shabnam Rafeeque Lakshadweep 
Amina beevi karamba poo Amina bheevikomana mone
B Badharul Hudha Download
E Ellam Padaithulla Ethreyum Bahumanappetta
I Iru Kaikal Neeti Naan Iru Loka Guruvaya
K Karayanum parayanum Kanneril mungi njan
Kettukal Moonnum Kunfaya kun
Kaaf Mala Kanda Poonkaatte
L Laile Laile Swargapoo (Album)
M Madhu varna poovalle Mannil Naan
Mihraj Ravile Kaate Mouthum Hayathinum
Monjulla Pennalle (Album)
N Nile Nadhi
O Othu Pallil Annu Nammal
P Paran Virichu Ponnilum Punnaramil
S Salathullah Salamullah Suraloka Mani hoorul
U Uppaye Chothichu Udayon Padachavare
T Thaaha Rasoolullave Thalir Mulla Vithanicha Old
Thalir Mulla Hiba Basheer Thalir Mulla Vithanicha Original
Undo Sakhi Oru Kula Munthiri
Y Ya rabbi swalli 

More to come.. Stay tuned..

Free Mappila Songs Download

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  1. Very nice songs and very easy to download.i was a searching for a perfect site for mappila songs.this site is awesome.keep adfing songs.thankyou

  2. As i am seeing this site first tym.m very happy to seee this one. because of my grandpaaa is always waiting for a rush….now he is more & more happy….me toooo……me and maaa grandpaaaa is waiting for the next gud collections of song from u… one ‘s more….v two r thanking to you all who behind this oldie innovation….

  3. Pleanty of mappila songs that made every ones ears freshe and awesome…
    nice songs and hearty congratz to the authorities of the website to provide such a good songs even in these era..
    Best of Luck

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