Ellarum chollan Ellarum chollan

Ellarum chollan Ellarum chollan Kallanee nenjilenn…. Karikallan,karikallan Nenjilenn mappila song lyrics

Ellarum chollan

Ellarum chollan

Kallanee nenjilenn….



Njannonn thottappol

Neela karinbinde

Thundann kandathayya….

Chakkkara thundann


Naadakake chollan

Nattarum chollan

Kaadaan karalilenn..

Kodum kadaan,

Kodum kadaan karalilenn

Njanonnn keriyappo

Neela koyilinde

Koodan kandathayya..

Kunni koodaan kandathayyaa

Endin nookkan

Endin nookann

Chandiraa nee nagalee..

Ayoo chandiraa,

Ayyo chadiraa

Nee njagale

Njannilla meppott

Njanilla meepott

Kalyana chekanundee..

Thazhe kalyana chekanundee

Chedonnu vaganam

Mund murikkanam

Poothali kettidenanm..

Ponnin poothali,

Ponnin poothali kettidenam

Kaliyalla kilivaalin

Vettila thinnende

Chudonn chopikkanam..

Ende chundonn choppikanam

Ellarum chollan

Ellarum chollan

Kallanee nejilenn..

Karikallan, karikallan


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