Mappilappatukal History

Mappila Songs or Mappilapatukal

Mappila pattu or mappilappatukal is a popular art among the Muslim community of Kerala, the southern state of India. Though there are stylistic differences, the basic elements of Muslims are enriched with their own great literary tradition uncovered over generations of traditions and practices.


Quick facts:

  • The folk song division which is very famous among malayalees has centuries old roots since from early malayalam philosophers and writers scribbling about the culture evolution through Muslim traders from Middle east visited Kerala.                                                           
  • The songs are categorized based on the background or content of the song such as Padappattu, Kathu pathu, Kappa pattu Muhiyideen mala, Badhar mala, Mailanchi pattu, etc.                                                           
  • The songs includes words or phrases also called ‘ishal’ from languages such as Arabic, Urudu, Tamil, Hindi, Persian etc.                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Was sung in occasions/ gatherings.
  • Popular singers who contributed to this art arena include the famous malayalam playback singers to professional mappilasong singers. Few of the noted names who contributed to this art in various forms includes
    • Moinkutty Vaidyar
      Chettuva Pareekutty
      Pukkottil Hyder
      P.K. Haleema,
      V. Ayishakutty,
      Kandathil Kunjamina
      Nallalam Beeran
      Pir Muhammed
      VM Kutti
      Vilayil faseel
    • Playback singers
      KJ Yesudas
      KS Chitra
      Kannur Shereef