Oppana-Duffmuttu Songs

Oppana – Duffmuttu

Mappila Dances

Mappila Dances are a popular form of social entertainment performed generally as group dances that involve complex movements and coordination. These dances forms are famous for its colourful and attractive cultural/traditional costumes, fast and unique moves and when performed with perfection renders a wonderful experience for the audience.


Mappila Dances comprise mainly of 


1. Kolkali

             Kolkali songs

      Performed by a group of “men with magic wands”. The craft comprise of instantaneous moves with quick contacts with the sticks they hold and dynamic moves bring about the background score for the song sung generally by one or a group of people. Kolkali is performed in various religious to cultural occasions. 

Kolkali Songs Download

 2. Edarikode kolkali azeezmanammal 

1. Malayalam Nonstop Mappila Songs | Gunamaniyaaya Rasoolullah | Old Kolkali Songs

2. Duff Muttu /Arabanamuttu

 Duff Muttu Songs

      Is a dance form which involves dance moves with a duff like instrument and is performed by a group of men. It is as much a feast for the eyes as for the ears.

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Duffmuttu | Punnya Rabi | Kanivinte Saagaram | Muslim Devotional Songs mp3  

3. Oppana

      Oppana Songs 

Another popular form of social entertainment among the muslim community which is generally performed by women. The costumes for the performers are generally traditional and are very attractive. This is generally performed as a indication of expressing their affection, concerns, teasing etc by a group of acquaintance to the bride on her wedding day. A beautiful girl representing the bride is made to sit in the centre and her friends(performers) dance around her with quick and dynamic dance steps according to a background song. The song is generally sung by one or a group from the team. There is also a men version of oppana. This form of art is very famous in Kerala and malayalee muslims. 

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1. Mappila Oppana ganangal  

2. Malayalam Nonstop Oppana Songs| Maniyarapattukal   

3.  Non Stop Oppanamelam 

These art forms are performed in various occasions like engagements, marriages, cultural festivals, competitions etc.

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